The Danger Ensemble is a contemporary theatre and events company from Australia, headed by Steven Mitchell Wright. They perform regularly at Amanda Palmer solo concerts, providing a physical, visual, interactive and theatrical accompaniment to many songs.


The Danger Ensemble was formed in Ausgust 2007 during Edinburgh Fringe Festival[1]. Steven Mitchell Wright had just left his previous company, and was collaborating with Amanda on a show with a group of other actors. When asked by Amanda what he called the company his until then unspoken company name was announced : The Danger Ensemble. The group has been touring with Amanda since then, and when not touring, living in Boston, MA. In 2009, they began work on a new show, The Hamlet Apocalypse[2].


Steven Mitchell Wright - Artistic Director and Actor
Katrina Cornwell - Actor
Mark Hill - Actor
Tora Hylands - Actor

Peta Ward - Actor

Katie Hollins - Actor

Aideen McCartney - Actor

Kevin Kiernan-Malloy - Actor
Lyndon Chester - Violinist


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  2. The Danger Ensemble's MySpace blog This weekend in Boston
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