Artist Amanda Palmer
Written by Amanda Palmer
Length 2:57
Album(s) Who Killed Amanda Palmer

Oasis is a song by Amanda Palmer.


In early 2009, when the song was released as a single in the UK, the song caused a lot of controversy, due to it's light-hearted portrayal of such heavy subject matter. The song was not played on many radio and television outlets including the BBC, however when Amanda appeared on BBC Radio 4, being interviewed by Stephen Merchant, the song was played without censorship. On 2nd Feb 2009, Amanda played a slow, somber version of the song at a performance in London, in protest.


Oasis is a social commentry on young people's apathy to hard-hitting issues such as rape and abortion. The story itself is fictional but partly based on Amanda's experiance of getting an abortion at the age of 17, however she wasn't raped, she was pregnant by her boyfriend. Melissa Mahoney was not concieved as a real person, Amanda believed that she had made the name up, but later realised that it was the name of a photographer who had taken some early publicity photos for The Dresden Dolls.


when i got to the party they gave me a forty
and i must have been thirsty
'cause i drank it so quickly
when i got to the bedroom
there was somebody waiting
and it isn't my fault that the barbarian raped me

when i went to get tested i brought along my best friend
melissa mahoney (who had once been molested)
and she knew how to get there
she knew all the nurses; they were all very friendly
but the test came out positive

i've seen better days but i don't care
'cause i just sent a letter in the mail

when i got my abortion i brought along my boyfriend
we got there an hour before the appointment
and outside the building were all these annoying
fundamentalist christians; we tried to ignore them

i've had better days but i don't care
oasis got my letter in the mail

when vacation was over
the word was all over that i was a crackwhore
melissa had told them
and so now we're not talking except we have tickets
to see blur in october and i think we’re still going

i've seen better days but i don't care
oh, i just got a letter in the mail
oasis sent a photograph it's autographed and everything
melissa's gonna wet herself i swear


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