New Zealand
Artist Amanda Palmer
Written by Amanda Palmer
Length 2:08
Album(s) unreleased

New Zealand is an unreleased song by Amanda Palmer.


After having written a song called Australia in honor of the Australian leg of her 08-09 tour, Amanda Palmer wrote New Zealand for her show in Wellington so that they didn't feel left out.


The song is about, quite obviously, New Zealand and Amanda's appreciation of it. It is also about her stressful few weeks prior to the writting, during her Australian tour and her use of Twitter.


New Zealand New Zealand
You caught me on an awful day
My little life is all fucked up
My schedule is in disarray

New Zealand New Zealand
I wish I could enjoy you more
I wish I had more time to see
Your cliffsides and your blackened shores

New Zealand New Zealand
I don’t know why I tour this way
Trapped inside an aeroplane
And twittering the scenery

New Zealand New Zealand
I’m so fed up what can I say
My period is six days late
My fucking hair is turning grey

But I don’t believe in the beauty standard
And there’s no way that I’m pregnant
So it’s technically okay

Everything is so beautiful here
The people on Cuba Street
Drinking their beers

I wish I could stay here and never go back
Fuck Sydney fuck Melbourne
Man Wellington is where it’s at

New Zealand New Zealand
You got me at the end of tour
My psyche is collapsing
And I can not do this anymore

New Zealand New Zealand
My song is coming to an end
I hope that you’ve enjoyed it
And I also hope I get my period

And I hope I haven’t grossed you out
But that’s what happens when you
Ask me to write a song about your country in twenty minutes



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