Michael S. Pope, (Born in Manhattan, New York) is an award-winning underground filmmaker and multi-media artist best known as auteur of the feature Film/Event: Neovoxer.

Neovoxer is an experimental, non-dialogue feature film, accompanied by a live performance of its musical score and sound effects. Pope was director as well as a writer, actor, editor, and composer of the project. With this, he spearheaded the volunteer efforts of over 200 artists and artisans.

His work has received recognition and support from The Tanne Foundation, The Experimental Television Center, Mobius Group for Experimental Work in All Media and The Cloud Club as well as critical acclaim from numerous publications and online film sites.

His commercial credits include director/cinematographer/editor of music videos for Ben Folds, The Dresden Dolls, Fluttr Effect and The Steamy Bohemians, as well as director/editor of the documentary "A Life in The Day of The Dresden Dolls" and The Dresden Dolls concert DVD "Live: In Paradise".


Born and raised in New York City, Pope is a self-taught filmmaker. He claims an eclectic collection of life experiences that fuel his creative work: a childhood of dyslexia and truancy and a widely varied career track as bike messenger, house painter and phone sex operator have proven to be the training ground for his film making.

He made his first films on Super8 when he was 7 years old.



Music VideosEdit

The series includes an intro, finale with credits, and bridges between these videos:

  1. "Astronaut" Amanda Palmer
  2. "Ampersand" Amanda Palmer
  3. "Runs in the Family" Amanda Palmer
  4. "The Point of It All" Amanda Palmer
  5. "Strength Through Music" Amanda Palmer
  6. "Guitar Hero" Amanda Palmer
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