Evelyn Evelyn is a musical duo, formed in 2007 by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley. The duo made its appearance as a band that consisted of two conjoined twin sisters, Evelyn and Evelyn. A story was also released of how Webley and Palmer met the Evelyns. This caused a confusion amongst the fans of Palmer and Webley since no one was certain about the band's members.

The Story of the EvelynsEdit

Through their myspace blogs Palmer and Webley released the fictional story of how they met the twins.

"About a year ago Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls and Jason Webley received Myspace messages from the most unusual profile either of them had ever seen - conjoined twin sisters, both named Evelyn. Intrigued and charmed, they began corresponding with the twins hoping to lure them into the studio. The result is an EP that sounds like something the Andrews Sisters might have recorded if they had grown up in the circus listening to new wave music."



The band released a 3-song colored 7" vinyl along with a 6 track CD titled "Elephant Elephant" which was released in a limited edition of 1,111 copies, and was quickly sold out. The vinyl also contained Amanda's and Jason's stories of how they met the Evelyns, and the process of recording the vinyl along with a purple sticker of a two-headed elephant. The vinyl was released by Jason Webley's label eleven records. Recently, through Amanda Palmer's blog, Jason Webley has commented that there will be a full length album release with no specified date as of yet.

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