Elephant Elephant is a song from kids,inspired by Elevyn Elevyn.Desc of song:"Elephant Elephant" (C) 2010 by Evelyn Evelyn Produced by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley Order the full album at: Video by: Jason Webley Camera: Scott Johnson (Tracer Visuals) Puppeteers and other amazing helpers: Michael Almaraz Max Beery Teresa Beery Peter Beery Jovan Bushor Kimberly Cooper Corinne Jared R Delo Connie Eden Maureen Freehill Traci Habenicht Mayumi Heider Chris Mathews Jr Sammie Merin Leif Miller Theresa Oborn Eliza Rickman Sarah Schmidt Ethan Schmidt Aaron J Shay Meghan Smet Olivia Stambor Gabrielle Vaughn-Zeitlyn Jana Webley Andrew Williams With extra huge thanks to: Sarah Schmidt and Max Beery Video (C)2010, Eleven Records.Used dolls,toys and materials to do it.

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