Drop Me
Artist Amanda Palmer
Written by Amanda Palmer
Length 2:19
Album(s) unreleased

Drop Me is an unreleased song by Amanda Palmer.


Amanda Palmer wrote the song just prior to her performance at the Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 28.03.09. The original lyrics are set to the music of 'Moon River'.


The song is dedicated to RoadRunner Records and is about Amanda's problems that she has been having with RoadRunner. The song references the fact that Amanda's music doesn't fit in with the other bands on RoadRunner's roster such as SlipKnot.


Please, drop me
I don't fit on your roster
I'm tired of this pointless shit

Please, drop me
What do I have to do?
I'm tired of sucking corporate dick

You don't get me
You won't let me
continue me career in peace
and it's making me sad

Too late now
To fix this fucking mess
So please just let me go
I swear
you won't miss me
You don't love me
I'm not making you any money
Plus you'll still have Slipknot
And Annihilator and MachineHead
And Cradle of Filth and Megadeth
And 3 Inches of Blood and Life of Agony
And Mutiny Within and Hatebreed
And Killswitch Engage and Nickelback



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